Workers Affair

Worker Arrival

Efficient Planning to Receive the Workers to ensure that workers arrive and are transported to their destination on time, our overseas counterparts will always place a block booking to ensure the airline seats are reserved or, if necessary, charter a flight.

A dedicated staff member at our HQ will update our client, mainly on the date time of the workers’ arrival

Fast & Efficient Airport Clearance to expedite the airport clearance process, all the paperwork an filling up of the relevant forms will be done earlier in the country of origin.

Consultation & Motivation

Operation Work

  • We provide backup services
  • Settling problems such as strike, local authorities issue, work permit, check out memo, death cases etc.
  • Counselling & Motivation Session

Back up Services

  • Experience Counselor
  • Good Contact/ PR with local authorities
  • Experience in handling strikes and demonstrations
  • Follow up the clients needs periodically
  • Fast Action


Ensuring all training to be conducted at project Training categories:

  • Induction training
  • Internal training
  • External training
  • On job training

To analyze training needs & effectiveness of training that has been conducted through pre & post evaluation


We provide proper and comfortable accommodation (hostel/ house) equipped with TV, cabinet, electricity & water supply,bedding, kitchen with sink, cooking equipment,fridge, maintenance and gated community with 24-hours security guard. Supported by other facilities such as food court,shops,banks and launderette.

Providing a healthy and comfortable environment to live in with adequate rest, we produce a motivated and happy worker that help boost productivity.


Time management plays a crucial role in the running of a business. Realizing this, we provide reliable and dependable means of transport to ensure punctuality for every working schedule.

All buses and vans are to go through a strict maintenance routine at our certified workshops thus ensuring the safety and comfort of the workers.

All these are provided at no extra charge.

Health & Safety

Occupational safety- Worker exposed to potential safety hazards (e.g., electrical and other energy source, fire, vehicles and etc) are to be controlled through proper engineering work design, administrative controls, preventative maintenance and safe work procedures (including lockout/tagout), and ongoing safety training. Where hazards cannot be adequately controlled by these means, our workers are to be provided with appropriate well-maintained personal protective equipment (PPE) and continuous safety briefings to create safety awareness.